ALL – the Association for Language Learning

ALL currently has 5,500 members, and thus, is the major association for teachers of foreign languages. Abrir has compiled some of the information available on ALL’s webpage, this being the reason why we are writing to you in English.

ALL and its aims

ALL promotes the teaching and learning of foreign languages by

  • providing information and publications
  • organising professional development activities
  • acting as a public voice on behalf of members

Some of the benefits of joining ALL

Members can link up with other professionals in their area by attending activities organised by local branches or through more informal local networks.

Members can also have access to a list of jobs in language teaching and associated professions from around the UK.

ALL World Languages discussion list

One service offered by ALL which seems to be of particular interest to Abrir’s members is their recently set up discussion list.

ALL World Languages discussion list has been set up to enable colleagues working in mainstream and complementary school sectors to share information, put questions and discuss issues.
To register, please go to:

ALL Language Committees

The Language Committees organise events and disseminate information for teachers interested in specific languages.’The Special Interest Groups focus on broader areas and sectors of language teaching – currently, primary, secondary, adult education, initial teacher education / training and world languages.

Portuguese is not one of those languages yet! However a Portuguese Language Committee could be created if there is demand. So, why not join ALL and start a Portuguese Language Committee?

Join ALL

To join ALL, visit


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