NRC Training

NRC TRAINING: Supporting Bilingualism

Supporting Bilingualism in Supplementary Schools, primary schools, early years and other educational settings

Bilingualism can often be present within educational establishments, but may not always be identified in full by education practitioners.

This workshop offers the opportunity for educational practitioners to receive training that will benefit both the individual and educational setting. The workshop can count towardsContinual Professional Development (CPD).

Learning Outcomes:

  • Introduction to basic concepts of bilingualism, bilingual development and bilingual education.
  • Links to all other areas of development – social and emotional, communication, language and literacy, mathematical, cultural, knowledge and understanding of the world, creative, physical.
  • Different models of bilingual education.
  • Supporting bilingual children in English schools, Complementary schools, nurseries and primary schools as well as in education in general.
  • EYFS and Communication, Language and Literacy in multilingual contexts.

amongst many others…

VenueContinYou, 31-33 Bondway, Vauxhall, London

Date: Thursday 5th July Time: 10.00am – 3.30pm

Trainer: Maria Gavrilova

For booking please see


NRC TRAINING: Safeguarding and Quality Assurance

Managing and Developing your Supplementary School (Safeguarding and Quality Assurance)

The course includes building in quality assurance and the requirements of the Bronze Quality Framework Award. Including safeguarding, recruiting and supporting staff and volunteers, and creating a safe an effective learning environment.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course you will have the knowledge and tools to help develop your supplementary school, support your staff and volunteers and develop the learning environment. see more

VenueContinYou, Vauxhall

Date: Tuesday 3nd July Time: 10.00am – 3.30pm

Trainer: Ertanch Hidayettin

For booking please see


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