Calling all ESOL tutors/ teaching assistants

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British Council Nexus  are looking for any interested ESOL tutors/ teaching assistants and also LGBT ESOL learners who would be willing to be interviewed.

This is  project currently under way, into lives and issues relating to LGBT in the ESOL classroom. All views, positions, experiences are most welcome for inclusion in the research, and all contacts will be completely anonymised and data retained confidentially by me.

Do get in touch with Sheila Macdonald EdD, ESOL researcher and tutor on tefl@SHEILAMACDONALD.CO.UK , or check out the link for more information :

We’d love to hear from you – anywhere in the UK – although we may not have time to get to everyone before the Xmas deadline!!  ps-  if you are interested but are not currently an ESOL tutor, then do get in touch – we may be able to develop a section regarding managers or teacher trainers for example, if there is space


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