We have a new logo!!!

  We have some exciting news! ABRIR-Full-Colour

It’s been in preparation for almost 6 months, but soon we will be launching ABRIR’s new visual identity. Before introducing the look and concept of our new logo, we would like to share some background information about our current branding.

Abrir Logo Final2

The logo that you currently see in our website, blog and social media pages was created at the time of ABRIR’s foundation, back in 2006.  The founders of ABRIR (Ana Souza, Fábio Rodrigues, Deise Rodrigues, Cláudio Souza and Valéria Fleury) considered the need of a logo that could well represent the recently defined missions of the organisation: (1) work as a platform for the sharing of bilingual children’s experience, (2)  promote the teaching of Portuguese and (3) promote the  Brazilian culture in the UK.  Therefore, the founders worked on the idea of having children representing the three basic ethnicities of Brazilians (Indigenous, Black and European). These ideas was combined with a visual representation of a bridge between Brazilian and British cultures, through their flags.

The image of an open door was also added to  play with the organisation’s name, as ‘ABRIR’ (when read as a word  rather than abbreviation/initials) in Portuguese means the verb ‘to open’.  Revista Brasil.etc offered to develop these ideas and we will always be grateful to them for having created our first logo and  which has  represented our organisation for more than five years.

In the beginning of this year, the arrival of Fabiano Ferreira, our new HR Director, and his background in strategic planning led us to undergo a brand review. Having consulted our volunteers and board members, we agreed that ABRIR was already known by its work and we didn’t need to try to convey all in one visual message.

We were pleased to commission Colin Hughes, from Juxapo – Creative Design http://juxapo.com/, to work on our new logo and after some brainstorming sessions with the board, we came up with a very neat and clear idea for a logo.


  ABRIR’s new identity now consists of a logo and a tagline. The logo is a typographic     representation of the organisation’s name with the icon of an opening door incorporated into the letter ‘I’.  With the tagline ‘Opening Doors to Bilingualism’, we hope to summarise the main objective of this charitable organisation, which is to help people appreciate the benefits of speaking more than one language, especially within children and speakers of Portuguese, through the provision of services to parents, teachers, schools and any interested member of the public in general.

Abrir new logo+tagline _ low res. email

We have just started to use the new brand in our platforms of communication and hope to have it fully in use  in the next months. We would like to thank everyone involved in this process.

We hope you like our new look and that you keep following us through our blog and Facebook.

ABRIR’s Communications team 

Want to give your opinion?  Make a comment or send an email to marcia@abrir.org.uk


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