Teachers’ conference at The British Museum – Friday 7 March

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   Teachers’ conference
   Friday 7 March 2014, 14.30–17.30  
   BP Lecture Theatre, British Museum

    Why are sweets by the till?   /  Delivering empowering financial education 

Organised as part of the education programme for the British Museum’s Citi Money Gallery, this conference will provide delegates with models and strategies to deliver empowering financial education, now a compulsory part of Mathematics and Citizenship in the revised secondary National Curriculum.Museum collections and resources are excellent starting points for reinvigorating financial education and the key aim of the conference is to introduce fresh approaches to delivering it.
The conference will build on existing activities and demonstrate how new techniques can be embedded into units of work. Through short sessions and practical activities, it will showcase best practice from teachers, students and charity initiatives. The conference will be followed by a networking drinks reception.
Registration will be from 14.00.
Supported by Citi
Description: http://contentz.mkt3459.com/ra/2013/39308/12/44592878/Images_citi.jpg

Description: http://contentz.mkt3459.com/ra/2013/39308/12/44592878/Images_cards.jpg


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