UK Bilingual Project – Invitation

Sameena Hoda, a researcher at the University of Kent, is conducting a study in collaboration with various other UK based universities to discover how babies learn two languages.

They are asking parents with children aged 19-24 months if they would like to participate in our online questionnaire based study on language use and language exposure. 

The sign up page for the study is: 



 The research requires you to complete four online questionnaires.

1) The first one is a consent form;

2)The next two will look at which words he/she understands or says and understands in English as well as in the additional language;

3) Family questionnaire;

4)Language exposure questionnaire (completed with the parent/carer over the phone). 

**There is also a gift at the end; a book or a toy. Just a token to say thank you**





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