Invitation for papers – NATECLA summer 2016

The Editorial Board for Language Issues invites papers for the summer 2016 (27.1) issue. This issue will focus on the learning and teaching of community languages.

Language Issues, special edition

  • Working TitleCommunity Languages: issues and opportunities
  • Issue: Summer 2016, 27.1

 Census 2011 figures show a significant proportion of people in the UK reporting a language other than English as their main language. For the purposes of this publication, a community language is suggested as one which is used by communities who are relatively new to the region. 

NateclaNATECLA is interested in papers about languages other than English used by these communities.The papers could be about any of these topics and beyond: policy, practical teaching, grammar, linguistic features, teacher training, resources including multimedia, corpora and their uses, endangered languages. We particularly encourage contributions from teachers and learners about their perspectives on classroom experiences.

Language Issues is a part peer-reviewed journal where ESOL and community language practitioners and related professionals share ideas on language teaching and learning. The main focus of Language Issues is the exploration of the middle ground between academic research and classroom practice, including the:

  • sharing of good practice in teaching, training and management
  • dissemination of up-to-date information regarding current political and social issues related to the field
  • promotion of educational research
  • publication of conference reports and reviews of relevant books and materials.

Please send article outlines and expressions of interest by 4 December 2015 to

If you would like to see a sample copy of Language Issues, please contact Jane Arstall at



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